There used to be a time when being pregnant meant wearing giant tents and some truly horrific ‘maternity’ clothing. Now however the landscape has changed and pregnant women are not hiding at home in the lead up to birth and you can see them at all the most fashion forward events. Maternity style has come a long way!

So how do they do it? Three key tricks:

• Accentuate the Bump – the bump is your friend and your best fashion accessory – don’t hide behind loose dresses all the time!

• Hit the Shift Dresses Hard – this trend is PERFECT for the preggo fashionista, no adjustment required just grab one in a big enough size so that it skims rather than hugs the growing bump

• Dress for your changing shape not your non-pregnant one – a key mistake is many women keep dressing as if they aren’t pregnant for WAY too long. Embrace the change, new boobs, new curves. Most importantly buy the right bra in the right size!

Don’t assume that just because something is not branded maternity that it will not fit. Look broadly for a fun, flirty and fashion forward pregnancy. Think about renting designer dresses for gala dinners, work events, balls and weddings. And in the third trimester – enter the full length gown and sneaky flats.

Most importantly remember that your body obviously changes (a lot!) in pregnancy so why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a dress you will literally wear once (as it won’t ever fit again!) when you can rent. Borrow the most fashion forward and flattering looks from The Volte and enjoy a stunning pregnancy without the price tag.

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