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Accessing designer fashion in Australia has never been easier


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Access is the new ownership. Always be on trend by renting from individuals, designers and boutiques.

Make your wardrobe
 an investment

Earn cash from your wardrobe. Rent your designer items. It's free to list and easy with door-to-door shipping.

Bond and
 ID verification

We verify all borrowers and lenders. Lenders have the ability to list a bond amount.

Manage your

Use your dashboard to help you track and manage your listings. Earning extra cash is so easy.

Secure payment

Rest assured that all payments are secure and encrypted.


Dress like your fashion icon for every occasion because we make aspirational fashion accessible.


Find out why people love The Volte

Zimmermann Dress Hire in Perth
Natalie Fardella
“I love being able to browse so many Lender’s closets. I borrowed a dress through The Volte for a recent event and was impressed by the door-to-door service. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Easier than shopping!”
Little Black Book
“The Volte has enabled me to take my business online and reach a broader national audience. I also love how I am able to access their large number of complimentary services at a low cost. ”
Sinead O'Neil
“Being able to earn income from my designer dresses is amazing. The Volte takes care of all of the logistics and I have peace of mind that I can hold a bond and all users are verified.”