Filter by color, length, occasion, designer and more to discover the perfect dress for your occasion.


Send a request to book to the lender. You choose a delivery and rental period.


Once your booking request is accepted by the lender the dress will be shipped to your home, office or hotel.


Simply return the item as agreed with the Lender. Some lenders may require you to dry clean the dress.

Where do you ship to?

We ship Australia wide.

How long will it take for my dress to be delivered?

This will depend on the shipping method chosen by the lender. Always confirm with the relevant lender when you need the dress delivered by.

Is there an express delivery option?

Ask the relevant Lender via the messaging system if this is possible. They may be able to offer a rush courier or pick-up services.

Can I book a dress in advance?

Absolutely. Just send a request to book to the lender who has listed the dress using the availability calendar.

What is the dress doesn’t fit?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer a ‘try on’ service. As long as the dress matches the description we will be unable to refund any amounts paid.

What if my dress arrives wrinkled?

Our lenders will pack dresses carefully. However some fabrics are more prone to wrinkles so if you receive a dress with slight creases please hang the dress in a steamy bathroom and the steam will de-crease the dress. Do not iron or steam the dress unless you have expressly received written permission from the relevant lender.

What if my dress is too long?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not damage the dress. Please ensure that the dress is treated with care. Under no circumstances are you permitted to alter the dress.

How do I return my dress?

Ask the lender how they wish to have the item returned. Predominantly Lender will with the item returned the same way it was shipped to you for instance Australia Post Express Parcels or by Sendle (courier).

Do I need to dry-clean my dress?

This is up to the lender you rent from but many lenders will include the cost of dry-cleaning in your rental fee so no need to clean just send it back.

What if I accidentally damage the dress?

All lenders and borrowers understand that accidents do happen. You need to contact the lender immediately in order to work out a resolution. You will be charged for the cost of repair and any disputes will be handled through The Volte’s dispute mediation process.

Why am I asked to complete a review?

Volte is all about trust. We encourage all lenders and borrowers to fill out a review after every booking to build trust in each other. Our community relies on honest and reliable reviews. Any reviews which are found to violate our Review Policy will be removed.

Can I rent or lend if I am under 18?

You will need a parent or guardian to rent or lend on your behalf. All liability will be accepted by them.

What if a lender asks me to pay them directly outside of The Volte’s site?

The Volte is designed to give you a reliable and secure online system. By going outside of this system we can no longer guarantee your security or transaction. It is a violation of The Volte’s terms and conditions to transact outside of our site. If someone asks you to pay offline or directly please report this and we will investigate. By enabling us oversight of all transactions we are able to guarantee the experience.

How long is a rental period?

This depends on the lender. The most common rental periods are 4 or 8 day reservations. We recommend you book your order to arrive 1-2 days prior to your event to ensure you have plenty of time to get the perfect look. If you want a dress for longer send the lender a message and ask!

When will my credit card be charged?

When your reservation is accepted by the lender. Think of it like booking a flight or online shopping.

What if my rental ends on a Sunday or holiday?

Neither Australia Post or Sendle operate on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, if your return date falls on one of these, please schedule your pickup the next business day. 

What if I am late returning my dress?

The Volte platform relies on both borrowers and lenders supporting each other to achieve excellent trust and service. When a borrower returns an item late it affects the lenders ability to clean and prepare the item for the next borrower. The system relies on you returning your item on time. If you are unable to do so for any reason our Late Fee Policy may apply.

Any other queries please shoot us an email at