Photograph your item and add description details. You can choose to have your photograph edited by our professional graphic designers for a small fee. Email support@thevolte.com.


Wait for a borrower to request the item using our secure online system. You can view borrowers’ previous rental history - and review rating.


Choose how you wish to ship the item - we recommend Australian Post Express Parcels or Sendle (our low cost courier service). See their websites for tips on packing. We always recommend you include a return self addressed Express Parcel bag for the Borrower to return the item if this is the shipping method you choose. If you use Sendle, it is best to print the return shipping label and include it in the box.


Advise the Borrower how you wish the item to be returned. We recommend always using the method you used to ship it and including a self-addressed Express Post Parcel bag if you used Australian Post or a return shipping label if you used Sendle (our courier partner).

How much does it cost to list? 

List your designer items for free! You will only be charged a service fee once you accept a request from a Borrower. The Volte service fee is 15% of the rental fee. Please see our Terms of Service for more information on fees.

Where do I list my designer items?

Listing your designer items is free and can be done in a few simple steps. Initially login and register as a user on The Volte. Before listing a designer item ensure you are signed in and then click 'List Your Dress' at the top of the page. Once you confirm the listing, you will be able to view and edit the listing in ’Your Listings’ in your Dashboard. 

How much should I advertise my dress for? 

The Rental Price of your designer item is completely up to you. We suggest you take into account the condition of the item and the age of the item when determining the rental fee. Sometimes Lenders may also browse other comparable listings, to get an idea of market rental price for specific items. Generally if an item is in ‘as new’ condition the usual rate is approximately 25% of the recommended retail price.

What photos should I upload? 

Borrowers prefer impeccably presented photos of your designer items. Try to upload a full length photo of the front and back of the dress as well as any photos that show specific detail on the dress. 

The following photos are acceptable: 

  • Photos of you wearing the dress at an event 
  • Clean, well lit photos  
  • Professional photos  

The following photos are unacceptable: 

  • Photos with multiple people in it. This is confusing for Borrowers to know which dress is actually available 
  • Photos of your dress on a coat hanger, floor, rack etc. 
  • Photos of the same dress but in a different colour 
  • Photos of a similar dress

How do I list multiple sizes? 

If you own the same garment in multiple sizes, you are able to list multiple sizes for the same photograph. This item will come up in searches for all the sizes listed. 

Are there any restrictions on what can be listed? 

The Volte platform exists to provide value to users by allowing users to tap into their under-utilized high-end designer clothes. Most designer dresses, menswear, handbags, accessories and millinery are accepted so long as it meets the following criteria: 

  • Minimum RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is above $150 
  • The item is in excellent condition 

The below does not meet The Volte listing criteria: 

  • Casual wear is not currently accepted 
  • Item has a RRP or sale price under $150 
  • Items in poor condition 
  • Items with noticeable stains, pulls or tears  
  • Item infringes on the copyright of any person including fake designer items

There is no limit to how many items you can list, so long as the above is adhered to. 

Please ensure that the description and sizing of the dress is accurate. 

The Volte reserves the right to remove listings and/or deactivate or cancel a user’s account.  Please refer to our Terms of Use for more details. 

I have many items I want professional photographed. Do you offer this service?

We can organize professional photoshoots for sophisticated Lenders with many items. Please contact us at support@thevolte.com

What if I receive a try-on request from a Borrower?

Currently Lenders are unable to offer a try on service through The Volte platform. You can provide the Borrower with further information such as exact measurements.

If this is a service you would like to provide your customers please email us at support@thevolte.com and we’ll look into it for the future.

How do I know when and where to ship the dress? 

After you have accepted a Booking Request, you can view all the details for the booking in 'orders received' under the 'confirmed' tab on your Dashboard.  

How do I pack my item if I use the courier (Sendle)?

Please pack your designer item carefully and securely. We recommend using reusable plastic containers. Please see our courier page for more information on packing your items. Find more information at www.sendle.com.

How do I pack my item if I use Australian Post?

We recommend using Express parcel bags. Find more information at www.auspost.com.au.

How many items can I upload on The Volte? 

You can upload as many listings as you like. 

Can you sell your designer items on The Volte? 

Coming soon!

Is it possible to rent designer items all over Australia? 

Yes – we are a national marketplace and you can borrow and lend designer items from all over Australia.  Always look the location of the Borrower when choosing how you ship an item to ensure you meet their latest delivery date.

What happens if someone doesn’t return my dress? 

We send Borrowers a reminder email when your item is due back for return, so it is likely already on its way back to you. 

If you would like to request confirmation that your dress is on its way back to you, we encourage you to contact your Borrower through The Volte marketplace by sending them a message. If you use Australia Post please ask them to attach a photo of the tracking number.

If you have attempted to contact the Borrower on multiple occasions with no success, contact support@thevolte.com.

Remember the option to hold a security bond is there to protect you and your items in this sort of rare situation.


We recommend the Lender takes care of the cleaning of the designer item, that way you get the dress back quickly and can have quality control over the cleaning. We recommend the Lender includes the price of the dry-cleaning in the Rental Fee.

We are currently looking into an affiliated dry cleaner business for our website so watch this space. 

What happens if my dress gets damaged? 

We recommend Lenders have a security bond to cover any damage that might occur. The security bond will vary from item to item according to the condition and value of the dress. 

Important – Please note: The Volte does not take responsibility for loss or damage to items rented out via the website.  The Volte simply provides the online marketplace for Users to rent their designer items to each other.  See our Terms of Service for more details. 

What if there is a dispute between a Borrower and a Lender? 

In the event of a dispute, Borrowers and Lenders must always first contact each other in good faith and with every intention of satisfactorily resolving the dispute with each other. 

If a dispute cannot be resolved, either the Lender or Borrower must contact The Volte within 48 hours of the dispute arising and provide details including when it first arose, evidence of the attempts to resolve the dispute and a description of the damage, photos of the damage including original receipts, receipts for replacement, and/or an estimate for repair on letterhead by the appropriate repair company.